Action Love

Action Love Australia is a non-profit organization trying to raise funds for overseas aid. We are invested in blessing developing nations with opportunities in regard to quality and equity in human rights. We also want to empower and establish self-sustainability in these countries, and thus allowing ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things! In short, you are seeding your money to plant for the future!

What We Do

Encouraging Education

We are committed to aiding children from vulnerable Cambodian families to receive education. We have raised funds for the Assisting Children to School project, which provides families and teachers with tools and resources such as school uniforms, study materials, as well as raising awareness of parenting and child rights.

Developing Life Skills

We want to aid the youth of Australia learn life skills and character qualities that would set them up for a good stead for adulthood. We want to impart the right values and culture to our future generation today.

Identifying Gifts & Passions

We are passionate in helping the youth of Australia learn their identity, strengths, and interests that would propel them towards success in developing a bright and hopeful future.

Inspiring Dreams

We recognise the amazing potential in our youths and want to encourage them to ignite and jumpstart their lives to an extraordinary level.

Maintaining Mental Health

We are committed to improving mental health amongst the youth of today by providing adequate support and pastoral care, building a supportive environment that allows the youth to flourish.

Our Team

Meet our dedicated team.

Joyce Khoo

Joyce Khoo


Joyce is a qualified lawyer who has been in practice for 25 years representing and assisting clients in matters ranging from immigration in the past, commercial and property matters, family law, wills and probate, and miscellaneous court proceedings.

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Ching Yi Choo

Ching Yi Choo


Ching is a qualified medical doctor who is currently training to be a psychiatrist. She currently works in a metropolitan Melbourne hospital and aims to combine medicine and spirituality in overcoming mental health issues. She is also currently completing a Masters of Psychiatry with the University of Melbourne. 

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James Onggo

James Onggo


James is a qualified medical doctor who is training to be an orthopaedic surgeon. He currently works in a metropolitan Melbourne hospital and aims to ultimately find an anti-aging cure, thus stopping the wear-and-tear processes for many diseases in the medical profession. He is also currently completing a Masters of Traumatology from the University of Newcastle.

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