ActionLove Australia is committed to supporting this Royalhood youth work in Melbourne, Australia, which seeks to provide training of young boys and girls, men and women, through High School talks, seminars, workshops, Father-Son camps, and like events, to encourage the young persons in discovering each of their unique identity, purpose for life, focused assignment, and ultimately achieve fulfilment through their life’s journey.

Studies show tremendous pressure on young people that have led to abuse of illicit substances (drugs and alcohol), depression and mental illness, teen suicide, male suicide, general apathy due to the inability to cope with the many alternatives and choices in this developed western society.

Royalhood has been intentional and purposeful with providing programs tailored to dealing with troublesome issues in the lives of young people and their parents, making a positive impact in one life at a time, and generally changing destiny through one family at a time.

Your generous funds and donations to ActionLove Australia will be channelled to this Royalhood youth work in which you will be part of the transformational impact on the lives and families and young people who are desperately reaching out for help direction and destiny in this part of the world.