ActionLove Australia  is committed to supporting this Patient Care Ministry in Phnom Penh Cambodia, which has a reach of 310 villages surrounding Phnom Penh and Kampong Cham. Some of these villages are a 4-hour drive away from the home base. At least some 3,000 people will benefit from the work of Patient Care Ministry as it seeks to provide education to the people in these villages, including issues of health, diet, water, exercise, rest, cleanliness. Patient Care Ministry also sends medicals teams out to the villages regularly to provide health checks, medication and supplements, and overall support of the health and welfare of the people.

One other aspect of Patient Care Ministry is the Healing Home it runs in Phnom Penh, out of a rented residential premises locally, which houses a small number of people in need of dialysis, or recovering from motor vehicle accidents, or suffering rare and debilitating diseases, that the individuals cannot afford. Patient Care Ministry is dedicated to caring for these precious people on a 24-hour basis.

Your generous funds and donations to ActionLove Australia will be channeled to this Patient Care Ministry to assist with the purchase of equipment, publication of educational material, transportation requirements, and finance the programs for volunteer teams to visit the 310 villages on a regular basis including doctors, nurses, dentists, dieticians, physiotherapist, myotherapists, naturopaths and the like.