ActionLove Australia is committed to supporting this Arise to Christ Youth Work in Siquijor, Philippines. The population of this small island is about 130,000 and the roughly two-thirds of young people lack the drive and motivation to succeed in life other than the basketball and volleyball, and other pursuits of the simple pleasures of life. Many drop out of school due to early pregnancies or get entangled in careless abuse of substances such as drug or alcohol.

Arise to Christ Youth Work will focus its resources towards providing education of young people in such topics including academia, relationships and marriage, parenting, establishing and running micro businesses. Arise to Christ Youth Work will additionally provide opportunity for the young people to develop general life skills through singing, dancing, reading the Bible, training and equipping through leadership programs, camps and concerts.

Presently Arise the Christ Youth Work runs a weekend Sunday School program in 12 barangays (villages) in the south-eastern part of the island that impacts 250 children. Over the past 8 years many of the young people have outgrown this program and need more sophisticated life and leadership training, which ActionLove Australia is passionately dedicated to funding and supporting. Some of the new initiatives include tuition classes for 300 youth to encourage their academic pursuits, scholarships for high school student fees and university student living expenses, building project for a ministry and educational training centre.

Your generous funds and donations to ActionLove Australia will be channelled to this Arise to Christ Youth Work in which you will be part of the process of creating lasting legacy in the lives of these precious souls and ultimately in the whole economy of this beautiful island.